About EASI

At EASI, we champion seamless transaction and information flows that instantly clarify your financial status while optimizing costs. Say goodbye to complex administration—embrace simplicity with EASI solutions for EASI outcomes.


EASI is a Stockholm, Sweden-based financial services company dedicated to digitizing and automating transaction management, enhancing control, and cutting costs. 

Our products transform the handling of purchasing rules, cards, and transaction flows, integrating them into a seamless digital environment connected with the global infrastructure. This integration allows for real-time digital input of purchase information into your company’s ERP system, ensuring full control. Additionally, our services help reduce your company’s carbon footprint, supporting a sustainable future.

The EASI Vision

Founded with the desire to take companies to a new era of business, where outdated control systems and unnecessarily costly processes become a thing of the past.
We achieve this by digitizing and automating the management of purchasing rules, company cards, transaction, and information flows that a company manages.
Offering a fluid digitized environment integrated with the global infrastructure, enabling the digital input of purchasing information into purchasing organizations ERP in real time with full control.
EASI will demonstrate that a business can scale, increase profits and evolve into the new digitized world – while saving time and money. 


Our team has extensive experiences from leading roles working with FinTech and administrative systems, solutions and services, and from well-known organizations such as: Microsoft EMEA HQ, Accenture, Ericsson, ABB, Presto, PWC and Lancelot Asset Management, to name a few.

Get ahead with EASI

Allow your organization to experience smarter purchasing with
 spending control and seamless ERP integration
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