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EASI is a patented service that fills a large market gap.

EASI focus digitizing, automating, provide control and cost reductions managing the administration of transaction information between parties B2B.

EASI operates with and through a stellar partner ecosystem targeting large and midsize customers in both the private and public sectors.

EASI is scalable across all countries, verticals, currencies and languages.

Challenge One - Digitization

Complex IT environments with many systems and processes prevent the digitization of B2B transactions

  • Complex and costly integrations of many systems, solutions, protocols, and methods.



Digitizes the administration of transaction information B2B, also suppliers and transactions from the “Tail”

  • Digitization also between parties that are not connected or have not shared any configuration prior to their transactions (for many companies more than 90% of the total transaction volume).


Challenge Two - Automation

Many obstacles to automate the procurement process administration

  • Purchases with private cards, cash, cheques, et cetera.
  • Procurement Automation can save lots of money, but only a few have highly automated processes.



 the registration of transaction information in the customers ERP

  • With dynamic selection of fields from the code string, digital receipts, complementary information or validations from 3rd parties, and more.
  • Reduces processing costs and errors, provide immediate and better visibility of actual spend vs. budget, accounts payable and liquidity.


Challenge Three - Control

Poor company control of purchase rights at the time of purchase

  • Control vs. local rules, regulations and the customers own framework of rules.
  • Many companies suffer maverick buying and fraud.



Enables control on all transactions vs. the customers own framework of rules and local rules/regulations

  • Eligibility and rights are controlled in real time at individual level on each transaction vs. the company’s unique framework of rules.
  • Improves compliance, reduces the risk of maverick buying, and prevent inappropriate or fraudulent transactions.


Challenge Four - Cost Reduction

High costs
 due to manual steps and inefficient processes to comply with mandatory transaction administration

  • Manual steps and inefficient processes to administrate large volumes of paper, scanned invoices, expense reports, information search and needs to complement, handle errors and fraud, human errors, et cetera.



Can reduce more than 80% of the costs vs. current processes and solutions

  • EASI is in compliance with all the rules and regulations for card schemes, the B2B payments market, and more


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